How does it work?

The telephone service we provide is voice over internet protocol (VOIP). Making and receiving calls is powered through your internet connection.

Will I be able to keep my number?

Yes. We will send you out a porting form that, once complete, will allow you to transfer your existing telephone number to our service.

Will my alarm work?

Our internet service supports IP based alarm systems. Customers with an analogue based alarm system should contact their supplier e.g. phone watch.

Will all my phones work?

Our phone service allows you to plug your handset into our router to make calls as you normally would. If you have DECT phones that all work off the one base then they should all work with our phone service.

If you have several phones plugged into wall plates then these will not work as our phone service does not require or work off the standard phone lines.

Can I call forward to a mobile?

Yes. If you would like to call forward to a mobile phone, you can contact us on 066-9478811 and we can arrange this for you.

Will I have a phone service in the event of a power outage?

No. If there is a power outage in the area you will be without a phone service as it is dependent on having an internet connection.

How much do calls cost?

With our talk unlimited option, you can make unlimited calls to Irish, free Uk numbers and International landline along with all Irish mobile numbers. Please note that high cost numbers such as 1890 numbers are not included in our bundle.

Do I get a new phone from Ivertec?

No. Ivertec do not supply a new handset when availing of the phone service. Your existing handset can be connected to the analogue adapter that will be installed.

Do I get a bill every month?

The monthly cost of your phone service is a set charge and will be billed additionally to your broadband invoice.

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