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2Net – Ivertec’s Back Up Broadband Solution

2Net is designed to keep your business online 24/7. Unfortunately, outages on broadband networks can happen too often and having a back up internet service allows you stay online when others are offline. 2Net is a fully managed service comprising of 2 internet services from Ivertec. The auto-Failover between your primary line and secondary line is fully managed by Ivertec. We manage your internet service while you manage your business.

Who we are

Ivertec was founded 25 years ago as an Information Technology company in Southwest Kerry. Over the past 25 years we have grown a very prominent broadband business that now reaches all of Kerry, Cork, and West Limerick. We understand the needs of SME’s and provide bespoke solutions to cater for different industries with unique requirements in a cost-effective way for each business.

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2Net ensures that your business is not losing out on customer payments or staff productivity.

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If your primary broadband service goes down, 2Net switches your business over to a second internet service. You won’t even notice the outage!

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24/7 Cloud Connectivity

2Net ensures that your business will have reliable connectivity to cloud based platforms such as your company CRM, Payroll and Microsoft Office 365.

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IP Address

In the event that your back-up broadband services kicks in, your 2Net IP address will not change. This can help prevent disruption to credit card machines, VoIP phones and staff VPN connectivity. 

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We take the stress out of broadband connectivity. Your 2Net service is monitored 24/7 by our systems ensuring your internet service is reliable and always on. Our Kerry based Support team are at hand to support your needs. 

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Many Rural and Urban areas lack the availability of Fibre. For enterprise customers who require reliable high speed connectivity, Ivertec can offer dedicated enterprise Fibre and Microwave services where services are currently unavailable. Talk to our Sales Team today. 

Our Clients

Our Clients

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