County Kerry, and indeed all of Ireland, has seen so much uncertainty regarding the hot topic of rural broadband. Rural Kerry homes and businesses are left waiting for high speed broadband, but there’s finally good news to announce.

Kerry’s largest wireless broadband provider Ivertec have launched WiFibre, a new fixed wireless broadband service capable of offering up to 100 Mbps fibre speed broadband, even in areas where fibre isn’t available. Micheal Murphy, Ivertec’s Network Engineer, explains how it works:

“Wireless broadband technology is commonly used to serve rural homes and businesses, with internet access delivered using a small receiver mounted on a customer’s property. Our new WiFibre service requires no phone line, this means that rural areas of Kerry can now experience the fibre-experience, even where no fibre cables exist.”

The first Kerry area to benefit from Ivertec WiFibre was Valentia Island. Prior to the launch, the maximum download speed on the island was 10 Mbps. The roll out of WiFibre has meant that homes and businesses on the island are now enjoying speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

“I really thought it would be years before we would see high speed broadband on Valentia, but our luck came when Ivertec knocked on our door”, explains Gerard Reidy from Valentia Island. Gerard’s speed has jumped to a service that is 5 times faster than their previous internet service.

We signed up to the WiFibre 50 package and cannot believe the difference it has made to our family”, Gerard added. “Speeds are reliable, and our family is delighted with it, no more waiting for Netflix to load”.

Ivertec offer plans that suit the customer’s budgets, with prices as low as €39.95. Jimmy Sugrue, Managing Director of Ivertec acknowledges that “We’re very proud as a local company, to be solving a local problem”.

Areas now live include Valentia, Portmagee, Renard, Caherciveen, Foilmore, Waterville, Milltown, Killorglin, Caragh Lake, Tullig, Cromane, & Castlemaine.